Month: June 2014

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South Florida Interfaith Wedding Officiant
Rabbi Robert Silverman is a respected Miami interfaith wedding officiant.

In the diverse South Florida area, many people of different religious faiths find love. For these people, finding someone to guide them through a wedding ceremony that recognizes both of their faiths can be difficult. An interfaith wedding rabbi Miami can help couples find just the right balance to bring two people and two lives together in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Rabbi Robert Silverman can help people who are ready to make a deep commitment to one another, and he has experience helping people of different faiths craft the perfect ceremony that is a reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple. Because there is really no set way to have an interfaith wedding ceremony, the couple has a great deal of freedom to make their ceremony truly theirs.

For Jewish couples, Rabbi Silverman is also respected among Miami Jewish wedding officiants. He can help Jewish couples to a beautiful ceremony that includes all of the familiar traditions of a Jewish wedding ceremony.

Contact Rabbi Robert Silverman and speak with him about how he can work with you to create the perfect memory of your special day. He can help each couple find the perfect way to express their love and take that important first step in a life spent together.

6447 Miami Lakes Drive East
Suite 220
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Phone: (305) 439-1990

Establishing Blogs and Accounts to Widen Online Footprint

The Ed Safdie Group Using Internet Marketing to Widen and Improve Its Online Presence
The Edward J Safdie group has used internet marketing to inform the public about its services and its accomplishments.

Although many people now recognize spas as great places to visit, relax, de-stress and lose weight, former spa owner Edward J Safdie did a great deal to promote spas as weight loss-inducing destinations. The businessman, author and entrepreneur and his company, the Edward J. Safdie group, acquired spa properties across the United States and overseas, and actively promoted them as places that people could visit to shed pounds, slim down and indulge in relaxation. The company, over the course of the past couple months, has tried to widen and enhance its online portfolio and online presence through the creation of blogs, social networking accounts and accounts on other sites, along with press releases about its efforts.

Firm’s President Promoted Spas for Weight Loss

Ed Safdie became one of the spa industry’s more prominent figures during the 1980s and 1990s thanks to his books about spa cuisine, repeated appearances in major magazines and efforts to promote his company’s spa properties. Many regional and national magazines wrote about Safdie and the Ed Safdie group’s spas during this time period. The press attention helped raise the profile of spas owned by Edward Safdie and his firm, and the company’s spas, in places like Texas, California, Connecticut and Monaco often welcomed famous guests. One magazine dubbed Safdie “the Martha Stewart of the spa industry” for the tasty, low-calorie food served at his company’s spa properties, which attracted many well-known guests.

Ed Safdie spas provided services for famous filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner, as well as socialites, actresses including Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields, actors, models like Cheryl Tiegs and Rachel Hunter and many others.