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Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.52.22 AMCaptivating and mobile responsive affordable websites are bringing businesses a dramatic increase is sales. Regardless of industry, if you are selling products and services on the internet chances are your market is competitive. E-commerce has quickly become the way in which business is conducted and you can see that storefronts are closing at rapid speed and click and ship is the preferred method of purchasing. Successful business owners understand that a company website is the essential component of success.

Companies that are represented with captivating web design that is mobile device friendly attract the largest audience and convert the highest percentage of viewers into patients. Mobile responsive websites that auto configure to smart phones and tablets with screen tap direct call and direct purchase reach millions of customers working on mobile devices and lead the market is sales.

When you are ready to dramatically increase your influx of new customers, contact Sophia Web Design. We will create a hand crafted website that reaches thousands of viewers and is within your budget allowance. Maximize earning potential with affordable mobile friendly web design.

Top Three Tucson Personal Injury LawyersEvery day, people are injured in accidents or as a result of their interaction with defective products. The recovery process from these injuries can be difficult, and it can also be especially frustrating when people know that their injuries could have been avoided had other parties behaved differently.

Here are the top three Tucson personal injury lawyers who can help injury victims who want to get their lives back on track:

  1. Showard Law Firm

The Showard Law Firm has experience in a many areas of personal injury law. The firm works with car accident victims and also has extensive experience working with victims of defective medical devices like hip implants. The Showard Law Firm also handles cases involving pharmaceutical products like the prescription drug Zofran.

  1. Udall Law Firm

For 60 years, Udall Law Firm has proudly served Tucson and its surrounding community. Today, as the oldest and one of the largest law firms in Tucson, Udall is committed to meeting the wide-ranging needs of clients.

  1. Fein, Flynn, and Associates, P.C.

In serious injury cases, especially in products liability or medical malpractice cases, this firm works intensively with technical experts from a wide variety of professions to cases. The firm brings 75 years of combined experience to cases to provide clients with the finest representation.

top-three-larry-king-momentsOver a career that has spanned more than half a century, veteran broadcaster Larry King has amassed his own collection of memorable moments. From interviews with some of the most important newsmakers of our time to entertaining talks with movie stars, musicians, and other famous people, Mr. King often makes headlines talking to people behind the headlines.

Here is a look back at the top three Larry King moments:

  1. In View with Larry King

The In View series hosted by Larry King proves that there is no stop in this veteran broadcaster. On the program, Mr. King introduced audiences to the influential people who are changing our world every day. Advances in healthcare, education, science, technology, and business are giving us a new view of the future, and on the program the innovators behind these advances are talkling about how their ideas will soon make an impact on all of our lives.

  1. The Beatles

Back in 2007, Mr. King sat with the surviving members of the Fab Four. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were joined by Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison to represent the two deceased members of the legendary group.

  1. Al Gore and Ross Perot

In 1993, the North American Free Trade Agreement was a political hot potato for the brand new Clinton Administration. Vice President Al Gore was dispatched to debate NAFTA opponent and former presidential candidate Ross Perot in one of Larry King’s most watched interviews.