Young Talent Reaches Goals with Sound Tree Entertainment

soundtree-logoGuidance is important for those working to reach their goals. For talented young people and their families, guidance offers a way to draw on experience from an industry professional as they take their journey.

Families have many questions. Should they get an agent? How can they get their kids into an audition? What is the best way to develop a talent?

Gregory James Blount has more than two decades of experience inside the entertainment industry, working from the inside and gaining the experience that can now be beneficial to families working to help make their child’s dreams come true.

Sound Tree Entertainment is a full service production company working in a wide range of disciplines with many projects in pre-production. The firm works in television and film, photo shoots, talent development, and other areas.

Blount’s book, “Talent 101— The Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry and Not Get Scammed,” has become essential reading for talent and their families. The guide has been featured on many film commission websites, and has the answers to many questions.

The entertainment industry can be incredibly complex. Having an experienced guide to offer advice and encouragement can be a crucial element that leads to success.