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Chestnut Law Firm Representing CDC Security Guard
Kenneth Tate was on a security detail with President Obama back on September 16.

“We anticipate seeking justice for Mr. Tate.”

That is the bottom line from attorney Chris Chestnut regarding his client, wrongfully dismissed security guard Kenneth Tate.

Tate was a security guard at the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention back on September 16 when President Obama visited the agency’s Atlanta headquarters. During the visit, Tate was charged with being part of an escort that moved with the President during his visit. What was part of his job because unfair ground for dismissal for Tate at the conclusion of the President’s visit.

Tate says that his job was to move with the President in the building. His employers say that he was only to stay in the elevator while the President visited two different floors at the CDC headquarters. Controversy also erupted because Tate was in possession of his firearm while on the elevator with the President, but his employer issued him his weapon as usual on the morning of the Presidential visit.

“He should never have lost his job for doing what he was supposed to do,” says the man behind the Chestnut Law Firm, which works with clients in a variety of civil cases across the country.

Additionally, Tate was also unfairly maligned by the Washington Post, who reported that he was a convicted felon. This incorrect reporting was ultimately corrected by the Associated Press.

While no specific legal action has been taken against Tate’s employer, PSC, or the Centers for Disease Control, Christopher Chestnut lawyer says that may be a possibility in the future.

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso Among Top South Florida Cosmetic Surgeons
Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has distinguished himself as a leading cosmetic surgeon.

In South Florida, many people embrace the possibilities offered by cosmetic surgery. In Miami Beach, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is one of the industry leaders in providing patients with the exciting new innovations offered by aesthetic medicine.

There are many new options available to patients today. New advances in breast augmentation, body sculpting, and facial procedures all offer patients just the right option to help meet their vision and match their body. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso reviews each option with patients through the consultation process, and this empowers patients to fully realize their vision.

For patients who are looking for something other than surgery, injectable fillers, Botox, chemical peels, and Fraxel and fractionated laser treatments can offer an effective alternative. These treatments offer a way for people to avoid the downtime normally associated with surgery while still achieving a great South Florida look.

This surgeon has positioned himself as a leader in his field because of his constant attention to the latest advances in aesthetic medicine. He is constantly learning and evolving to offer patients more possibilities to help them look younger and more vibrant. These headline-grabbing-procedures are giving every patient something that can give them the right way to get their South Florida look.

Corpus Christi Weight Loss Clinic Helps People Achieve Their Goals
Spectacular weight loss results are possible with the Serotonin Plus program.

For many people who dream of getting healthier through weight loss but have been held back by unsuccessful dieting, frustration can be a fact of life. However, a new weight loss plan is helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

Corpus Christi weight loss doctors are employing the Serotonin Plus weight loss plan to help people achieve remarkable weight loss results in a safe, doctor-supervised way that allows them to sustain their weight loss.

This program helps by guiding people through the behavioral and lifestyle changes that are crucial to weight loss success. Losing the weight is only one part of the equation: keeping it off is what allows people to reap the health benefits that come with a new way of living and a new relationship with food.

Serotonin is a powerful natural substance that is employed to help people alleviate cravings for carbohydrates. It is these cravings that often make it difficult for people to lose weight and then keep it off. While results vary from patient to patient, it is possible to experience up to 50 pounds of weight loss using the most aggressive 12-week cycles of this program.

This plan for weight loss Corpus Christi is getting great reviews around the internet, and continues to be one of the most sought-after weight loss plans today.