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Top Three Tucson Personal Injury LawyersEvery day, people are injured in accidents or as a result of their interaction with defective products. The recovery process from these injuries can be difficult, and it can also be especially frustrating when people know that their injuries could have been avoided had other parties behaved differently.

Here are the top three Tucson personal injury lawyers who can help injury victims who want to get their lives back on track:

  1. Showard Law Firm

The Showard Law Firm has experience in a many areas of personal injury law. The firm works with car accident victims and also has extensive experience working with victims of defective medical devices like hip implants. The Showard Law Firm also handles cases involving pharmaceutical products like the prescription drug Zofran.

  1. Udall Law Firm

For 60 years, Udall Law Firm has proudly served Tucson and its surrounding community. Today, as the oldest and one of the largest law firms in Tucson, Udall is committed to meeting the wide-ranging needs of clients.

  1. Fein, Flynn, and Associates, P.C.

In serious injury cases, especially in products liability or medical malpractice cases, this firm works intensively with technical experts from a wide variety of professions to cases. The firm brings 75 years of combined experience to cases to provide clients with the finest representation.


Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers

Sarah Showard
The Showard Law Firm helps people who have been the victims of medical products.

Tucson personal injury lawyers at the Showard Law Firm help clients who are facing the difficult challenges that come with being the victims of defective medical products and bad medications. If you have been a victim, contact them today:

The Showard Law Firm
2990 N. Campbell Ave., Ste 230
Tucson, AZ  85719

Toll Free: 866-307-2147
Local: (520) 622-3344